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    Me: Floppy760
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    Elite: Dangerous CMDR names

    I'm CMDR Furtive - see you in the black 🙂
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    Me: floppy76
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    Top 3 Favourite Sci-Fi Authors

    Good list! My top 3: * Neal Stephenson - though he's variable, and arguably can't end a book for toffee, he wrote Snow Crash, one of my favourite books of all time, so he has to be in here. * Douglas Adams - the man made me who I am today, what more can I say. * Iain M Banks - because I want to live in The Culture. Close behind: Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Stephen Baxter, William Gibson, Peter F Hamilton, Dan Simmons, and H P Lovecraft as well seeing as we're ruling him in scope :)