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  1. YidsterChimaera

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Sounds like a great idea, need more than just us two though 🙂
  2. YidsterChimaera

    Elite: Dangerous CMDR names

    CMDR Yidster
  3. YidsterChimaera


    Nope, just the + for MultiQuote, Quote and the heart for like etc
  4. YidsterChimaera


    Am I missing something, or is it not possible to edit a post?
  5. YidsterChimaera

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Hi all A few of us are playing TOR casually so if anyone is interested then we are playing on Darth Magus with Republic characters. If you want to join in then reply with your character names. I'll kick off: Leivenne - 65 Jedi Guardian (Knight) Faitallon - 41 Gunslinger (Smuggler) Lucious Cage - 43 Commando (Trooper) Lorttenna - 20 Jedi Shadow (Consular) Regards
  6. YidsterChimaera

    Horsham Gamers MMO

    least there won't be enough people for a vote of no confidence!!
  7. YidsterChimaera

    Horsham Gamers MMO

    Sadly I can't edit it so only option is to delete and restart
  8. YidsterChimaera

    Horsham Gamers MMO

    oops, forgot to put ESO on which is sad as I was playing it earlier! Will see if I can edit the poll
  9. YidsterChimaera

    Horsham Gamers MMO

    In a discussion on Discord the idea of the Horsham Gamers joining a MMO together was bought up. A few people expressed an interest, so looking at just F2P ones I've created a poll to see which one peole woule be interested in playing. If people want to add a specific game I've added 'Other' as a poll option, just in a reply say the game.
  10. YidsterChimaera

    MMO Emulators

    Hi all Don't know if anyone else plays them, but I sometimes play a couple of MMO Emulators for now defunct games most notable SWGEmu, SWG Legends & VGO Emulator. I don't play them a lot but both SWG and Vanguard hold a dear place for me as 2 of the best mmo's I have ever played .... anyone else? Regards
  11. YidsterChimaera

    Every MTGA I have already played...

    lol, could be worse ... could type your own messages and be open for horrendous abuse before people rage quit!!
  12. YidsterChimaera

    TOp 3 Sci-Fi Authors

    ... is locked so can't post a reply
  13. YidsterChimaera


    Can u add signatures/pictures that automatically show at the end of any posts you make?
  14. YidsterChimaera

    Pokemon (Lets) Go

    So, any other Pokemon trainers out there? I occasionally play Go on my phone when walking with daughter but also recently got 'Lets Go' on the switch so really looking forward to transferring ones caught into the game.
  15. YidsterChimaera

    Top 5 video games...in no particular order.

    Tough, tough choice but here goes .... Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360) Baldurs Gate (PC) Morrowind (PC) Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (PC) Star Wars Galaxies (PC) plus honourable mentions to games that nearly made the list: Lord of the Rings Online (PC), Civilisation V (PC), Zelda - Breath of the Wild (Switch), Animal Crossing (DS), Lego Star Wars - Original Trilogy (Xbox 360) and Torchlight II (PC)