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Competition: Poundland Jedi Lightsabre

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To make a Jedi Lightsaber - only constructed from things purchased from Poundland, the local £1 store.

How to enter:

Reply to this thread with your interest!


  • No materials or tools to be used which were not bought at Poundland.
  • You can share your budgets and materials but you cant fetch a tool from the kitchen or shed.
  • You must complete it in one sitting, from opening the bags from Poundland.
  • It must be a Lightsabre, no guns, Lazer pistols, or anything that would not be identifiable as a Jedi weapon for a more civilized age.

Extra Points:

  • You can gain points for Costume Cosplay but that too must be from Poundland - You need that Sabre with it!

Entry Submission:

  • Before the Event deadline post your timeline photos of purchase to craft to finished product - Requires all 3 photo evidence stages!


  • Horsham Gamers Staff


  • £10 Amazon Voucher

Entry Deadline:

  • 17th December 2018

Current Entrants:

We require a minimum of 3 entry's to make the prize available!

Good Luck!

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21 minutes ago, Banham31 said:

How do we enter? 

Good shout! Edited.

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